By Jug Varner

Texas Tech University now possesses the largest collection of Vietnam War articles outside the federal government, thanks to the efforts of history professor James Reckner, a 20-year Navy veteran.

Since its beginning in 1989, growth of the collection has required expansion from one small room to spaces equaling the size of Jones Stadium's football field. Reckner started the collection when he realized only one out of a hundred students knew the identity of General William Westmorland, Commander of American Forces in the Vietnam War.

Today it houses a collection of Westmorland's papers, along with many other items that lure scholars to the campus for research. Noted historian Douglas Pike has moved his Indochina Archive from the University of California at Berkeley to the Texas Tech Vietnam Center, bolstering an already extensive collections of books, diaries, doctoral dissertations, letters, maps, microfilm, etc. the number to call is 806-742-9010.

(You can now log on to their web site at www.ttu.edu/vietnam/.)