(Gulf) Old-Fashioned Morality

A recent network news program highlighted interviews with U.S. troops “out on the town” in Saudi Arabia. Except for Kentucky Fried Chicken, Baskin Robins and a few other American franchises with Saudi facades, there was little to remind them of home.

The taboo on alcohol, sex in advertising, obscenity, pornography, pin-ups and other cultural differences…not to mention fraternizing with the Arab women…makes this experience quite different from most other foreign duty. Because of these radical differences, service personnel are on strict orders to observe local customs and be on their best behavior.

Some of the soldiers complained on-camera of having “nothing to do but eat, sleep and work.” The media hype made it look as if the troops are being deprived of sin! Maybe such deprivation is not all that bad.

We in America obviously would not trade our freedom and customs for that of the Saudis - but we certainly could do without problems of alcohol, crime, drugs, pornography, obscene language, loss of the family structure and all the other dilemmas that plague our society today.

Perhaps this is an object lesson — in old-fashioned morality!