Forwarded by YNCS Don Harribine, USN (Ret)

We hear and read about so many incidents in Iraq that can get you down. This short video is one that should bring a smile to your face, for a change.

A friend received it from his West Point grad daughter stationed at Al Faw, Iraq. The “stars” are members of the British Royal Dragoons tank regiment stationed there on a six-month tour when the video was shot, but are now back at their base in Germany.

In the video, a Staff Sergeant marches through the Iraqi camp along with his fellow squaddies singing and dancing to the tune, Is This The Way to Amarillo. When it first aired there, so many soldiers tried to download the video that it temporarioly brought down the Ministry of Defense computer servers.

This also links to a number of interesting items.

So settle back, CLICK HERE and enjoy a brief, enjoyable change of pace from death and destruction.