From 1st Cavalry Division Public Affairs.

Baghdad, Iraq, Jan. 18, 2005 (Army News Service) – A cordon and search operation in the north Babil region south of the Iraqi capital uncovered a wide array of weapons, explosives and munitions today.

Continuing their efforts to bring safety and security to the north Babil region with “Operation Triple Play,” Task Force Baghdad Soldiers searched several houses in the area, detaining 10 suspected insurgents. The unit discovered a wide variety of explosives and munitions that included:

19 - 122-millimeter rounds
52 - 60-millimeter rounds
1 - 82-millimeter round
16 - recoilless rifle rounds
50 - artillery fuses
11 - rocket-propelled grenade warheads
40 - anti-personnel mines
160 - pounds of powdered explosive
15 - artillery propellant charges
29 - bags of artillery propellant
170 - ½-kilogram blocks of TNT
24 - CS gas canisters
4 - 55-gallon drums with explosives
2 - rifle grenades

This weapons cache is one of the largest discoveries in recent months, a 1st Cavalry Division spokesman said. An EOD team disposed of the munitions.

“The insurgent is seeing that no place is safe for him to establish his logistics bases,” said Lt. Col. James Hutton, division public affairs officer. “We find more ammunition, equipment and weapons daily. The insurgent is on the run.”