Washington, Dec. 11, 2004 (Army News Service) – An additional 100 up-armored Humvees per month could soon be heading to Iraq, according to Army officials.

Secretary of the Army Francis J. Harvey is looking to modify the Army’s contract with Armor Holdings, Inc. of Jacksonville, Fla., which currently produces 450 per month of the specialty vehicles, known as UAHs. Robert Mecredy, president of Aerospace and Defense Group for Armor Holdings, told Harvey the company may be able to put out as many as 100 more a month, officials said.

“Once I was informed of the additional production capacity, I wanted to ensure those additional vehicles were going directly to our forces in Iraq,” Harvey said.

An up-armored Humvee has steel-plate doors, ballistic-resistant windows and steel plating underneath the vehicle that offers better protection against bullets, rocket-propelled grenades and improvised explosive devises. The UAH weighs about 3,000 pounds more than the regular version.

The Army, which provides the UAHs to all U.S. forces in Iraq, aims to have 8,105 of the vehicles in its inventory by March 2005, officials said.