By Dr. M. Sidney Wallace, November 11, 2005
SOURCE. Forwarded by p38bob.

Last week I was honored to have lunch with a friend who had served in the United States Army during World War II. My friend is well over eighty years of age, yet in his mind he still remembers vividly his tours of duty defending his nation and home.

Earlier this week I had an opportunity to give a young sailor a ride to his barracks. This young man has yet to enter into his twenties and has very few memories to look back on.

I have had many occasions to speak with veterans of Korea and Viet Nam. These men and women, like the other two, have nothing but respect for their country and an everlasting love for the “American Way of Life.”

In my conversations with all of these veterans you could hear a thread that goes through them all. That thread is love of the “American Way of Life.” Some came from the back woods of rural Alabama. Some came from the swamps of Louisiana. Some came from the high deserts of Idaho. Some came from the ghettos of New York City and some came from wheat fields of Kansas. Some were black, some were white, some were Hispanic, and some were Asian. No matter what their backgrounds, they all said they were Americans and that the “American way of Life” was what they believed in. Each individual had freely offered his life to give the “American Way of Life” for their children.

We are now at a crossroad in history. The “American Way of Life” is under very serious attack from two forces. One group, radical Muslins fanatics, wants to return the world to the dark ages. They see anything modern as evil. They not only want to stop the hands of time, but they want to destroy anyone that uses anything but a sundial to measure time. Even though this group makes things that go boom in the dark, they are the weaker of the two attackers.

The other groups of attackers are the radical pacifists that are willing to sacrifice everything in life for a few more minutes of “perceived peace.” They call anyone wanting to stand up for the “American Way of Life” murderers and war mongers. This group is the more dangerous of the two. They masquerade behind all sorts of disguises and have learned to use the national media to provide them liberal time to try and convince others that life is too valuable to be wasted on freedom. Unfortunately some of these fools are now members of our elected government and leaders of the Democrat Party.

On this Veterans Day, I am proud to be acquainted with my military veteran friends that have no reservations and a clear understanding of what it means to defend the “American Way of Life.”

Who do you stand with - the soldier, sailor, airmen, and Marine offering their lives for America, or the silk panty wearing politicians in Washington DC.?