By Tom Segal
Forwarded by p38bob

We can't get away from the media hype about John Murtha. True he completed a reserve career and true he went into combat zones twice. However, the “decorated hero” stuff is a bit much.

To be politically correct everyone in Washington is saying how distinguished, honorable, respected, etc., the man is among his peers. I find it impossible to attribute any of these traits to someone who with purpose undermines the morale of troops in combat. Just having the name “Marine” linked to his name has been reported to me as being offensive to some guys in the field.

I am planning another opinion piece on what veterans think about Mr. Murtha and his conduct. If you wish to opine on this matter, drop me a note. Be sure to give me name, military rank, branch of service and current home town/state for attribution purposes.

If you have active duty friends that would like to comment on this topic, I would be very interested in hearing from them, since the matter is right in their back yard.

Semper Fidelis.