By Jug Varner

There are more than 100 million cars and trucks on the nation's 4 million miles of roads. Even if spaced out equally across the land, the 25 cars per mile would pose a potential hazard at best.

Unfortunately, they are not evenly spread out. The majority of these 100 million vehicles are traveling through congested urban areas and on major thoroughfares, which greatly increases those hazards for everyone on or near the road.

Add to this mix the millions of drivers using alcohol or drugs, and the sleep deprived. Include those who flagrantly disregard the speed limits and rules of the road, as well as those who don't even know the rules! And how about the clowns who tail-gate? And those overcome with Road Rage?

List those who are in such a hurry they won't even slow down in bad weather conditions. Add those who spend more time talking on their cellular phones than watching the road. We can't leave out all those with bad eyesight, poor driving ability and other problems that are hazardous to their and your well-being.

Now, subtract all of these hazardous drivers from the 100 million and what do you have left? Very few safe drivers and a hazard potential beyond belief. All of this is further compounded by bad roads, bad weather and the unlimited possibilities for mechanical failures. When you consider the thousands of things that can go wrong with any vehicle at any given time, it is almost miraculous how well they hold together, especially since the majority of drivers don't practice good preventative maintenance procedures. Nonetheless, the primary cause of road hazard is due to the loose nut at the wheel known as the driver.

Do you see yourself or any family member on this long and dangerous list?

If so, what are you going to do about it?

If not, look again.