By LtCol Charles Revie USA, (Ret) forwarded by p38bob

In July 2006 a new database became available free of charge to the general public. It displays your personal information (names, addresses, phone number, birth dates). Social Security is available for a price.

You will be SHOCKED as I was. I do not know how many of our names are appearing in it, but I checked my own and a few other random ones and they were all there.

The spamming that will result could be unbelievable and identity thieves could have a field day!

Check to see if your name and information is in the database.

Take a look HERE, then type your name and click “Submit“.

If your name is there, and you don’t want it to be, send an e-mail to and request that they remove it along with all associated data.

After opting out by email, check back within a week or so to make certain your information has been deleted. If not, then file a complaint with your State Attorney General.

For Snopes information, click HERE.

I urge you to forward this article to your family and friends.