Now here is a handy piece of information for those of larger proportions who are tired of the daily balancing act and would enjoy a strong and comfortable throne… especially those who may have added a few more pounds than they realized and no longer appreciate standard size seats.

With the U.S. population growing “outward” as well as upward in numbers - including athletes endowed with a large bone structure - American designer ingenuity has come to the rescue at long last.

These designers and manufacturers are providing such personal products as super-sized bath towels, bathroom scales that go up to 1,000 pounds, and other such needed luxuries for LARGE people. But nothing on the market would accommodate comfort in one vital area of the bathroom, until Aiton Levy designed the Big John Toilet Seat.

While helping create custom bathrooms for professional athletes, Levy became aware of the need for an oversized toilet seat and did something about it. He came up with the idea for this longer, stronger, higher and wider seat as an adjunct to the decorative bathroom hardware he designs and markets.

While friends may have seen humor in the situation at first, Levy figures he will be the one laughing… all the way to the bank… when a national distributor takes over the sales and promotion aspect. He is currently selling Big Johns from his Web site, which shows photos, prices, and attributes of this unique product.

Big people everywhere should appreciate Aiton Levy… and Big John.