Most of us believe in eternal life in some form after our mortal demise but, of course, we have different ideas about what that may be like. Perhaps in spiritual form we might experience some sort of galactic travel. If so, here is a preview of what sights may unfold… or not… who knows? It is interesting to contemplate, don't you think?.

My friend and former Navy shipmate JacMac sent this link along with the note, “This is an incredible experience, thanks to the Hubbell telescope and it's enabling of an eyewitness view of space's infinite vastness.”

After loading, give it the maximum screen possible and go to the bottom of the page to see all of the captions. It moves rather quickly from one scene to another but you can control it by placing your arrow on the moving scale at the bottom of the page, click and hold to read some of dramatic the longer descriptions, then release - or repeat it as many times as you like. In any case, it is a magnificent presentation with music that lends a dramatic touch to the scenes