Forwarded by BGen R. Clements, USAF (Ret.)

From an unnamed Major General in the Mideast, Sunday, May 30, 2004:
“This is a translation of a message from the guys who are claiming responsibility for the attacks in Al Khobar yesterday. I think you will find it interesting, not to mention telling you what we are up against. I had two of my guys wounded last night, but we got them out and they are stable in a Saudi hospital. Med-evacing them to Ramstein tonight.”

Publisher: Qaedat Al-Jihad
Statement Concerning Jerusalem Brigade Attack 10/4/1425 (29 May 2004)

Thanks to Allah (God), the protector of God-Fearing people. No aggression except against oppressors and peace and prayers be upon the messenger who was sent with the Sword as a mercy to all humans, our prophet Mohamed, his family and all of his companions.

With the grace of God only, our heroic mujahedeen from Jerusalem Brigade were able this morning, Saturday 10 Rabi Thani 1425 (29 May 2004), to penetrate the locations of US companies (Petroleum Center and Schlum Berger) that belong to the US occupation company Haliberton, a group of companies specialized in petroleum works and drilling contracts that are working to plunder and steal Muslims' fortunes. Until now, they were able to kill and wound a number of the crusaders, the enemies of God. We will provide you with the details of the operation in subsequent time. We will, God willing, also mention our blessed company's heroes.

Those heroes are honorable examples of Muslim youths in the Arabian Peninsula. There are many that match them who are racing to martyrdom and are eager to fight God's enemies, the Jews, the crusaders and their followers from renegade leaders.

Their hearts (the youth) are filled with pain for the distress of their Muslim brothers in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and everywhere. You will see from them what will quench the thirst for revenge, God willing.

Oh Allah, thy the sender of the Book, the mover of clouds, the defeater of *Ahzab, defeat America and its allies, defeat them all, shake them {shake the land under their feet} and provide us with victory over them, Oh Allah, the Almighty and the most powerful.

Al Qaida Movement in the Arabian Peninsula.

*Quraish tribe, other Arab tribes, and the Jews who lived in Al-Madina (the same city the Prophet lived in at the time) who collaborated together and fought the Prophet in Al-Ahzab battle