From: DHHenso@aol.com. Forwarded by Floyd Sears

Hello Everyone. I wanted to pass on something that may or may not be well known. I sure didn't know it until recently.

My military retiree ID card had an expiration date on the front of it that read INDEF. Consequently I thought all things relating to it also were indefinite. I was wrong.

Earlier in August 2004 we were at Buckley AFB in Aurora, CO getting my wife's ID card renewed. The young female airman asked to look at my ID card to check the expiration date. I quickly produced the card telling her it didn't expire, that it was indefinite.

She accepted the card and looked at the back. Lo and behold, in the space for Medical Civilian Exp Date, it had expired in 1998. She explained that was the date I turned age 65. and issued me another ID card with the date in that area as INDEF. It is simple government logic to put an expiration date in there and then reissue the ID card to read indefinite, but that's the way it is.

She said that hardly anyone who renews a dependent’s ID card seems to know that area on the card is set to expire at age 65, and that they renew it to INDEF AFTER age 65.

This expiration date is not just on the ID card. It also is in DEERS.

My card showing an expiration date for civilian medical may be one of the problems with one of my civilian prescriptions being denied; however they said I was not in DEERS - not that the civilian medical had expired. Anyway, that area should not be reading a date that has expired because that is what DEERS shows. Of course the airman also changed my date in DEERS to INDEF.

Thought I would pass this along as I had no idea such a situation existed and, having a military ID card since 1953, I wasn't about to start gazing at any part of it, the back included. But I guess I should have.

Dempsey Henson
Broomfield, CO