Air Force Retiree Floyd Spence (along with several others across the nation) has spent thousands of hours on his computer during the past several years trying to bring about a change in congressional broken promises to military retirees. The following is a partial copy of his response to a recent inquiry that I think every retiree should forward to his or her congressional representatives in Washington. Ask them for one single favor: “that they read and understand this difference.”

One of the biggest problems the military retiree community has with the Congress is trying to get them to separate the various “veterans” issues.

The folks in Washington tend to lump “military retiree” and “military veteran” issues together and talk about “veterans” rather than “military retirees”. I've seen hundreds of letters received by military retirees in response to military retiree issues that address the “military veteran” not the “military retiree.”

I have become obsessed with trying to point out the difference between a military retiree and a military veteran. To that extent I have developed a series of web pages, starting on the Internet at that explains the difference.

I am a “military retiree” first and a “military veteran” second. There is a difference between a person that spent 20 to 30 years in the military and a person that spent 2 to 3 years in the military in reference to what they were promised as a result of serving the United States of America. I'm not taking anything away from the person that spent 2 to 3 years in the military by making this argument.

As I have pointed out very often, it appears that when the Congress does their quick calculations concerning military retiree issues (there are about 1.8 million military retirees) they have a tendency to use the military veteran 26.5 million “multiplier” and they get a distorted picture.

I hope some of this might help you as you try to understand the military retiree medical care and other broken promise issues.

Thank you for being interested in the military retiree problems.

Floyd Sears