AF Retiree News 8/13/03 From P38Bob
Like clockwork, if you're a Survivor Benefit Plan annuitant, you're going to get two things in your mailbox each year. One is a tax statement and the other is a Certificates of Eligibility (COE).

Both are important documents. One is used to determine how much tax is owed. The other, the COE, determines if you're going to continue receiving an SBP check each month.

The COE is automatically generated and sent to annuitants approximately 90 days prior to their birthday each year. It's important that it be completed by the annuitant and returned via mail or fax before the annuitant's birthday to avoid any interruption in pay. If a legal representative such as a power of attorney has been added to an annuitant's account, that individual should complete and sign the form, marking the legal representative portion as requested.

Officials explain that upon return of the COE, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service processes the document according to the information provided and will either continue, adjust or terminate the annuitant's pay as appropriate.

A marriage certificate is required when the “I married in the past year” box is marked to update the annuitant's account properly. An annuitant should include his or her name and Social Security Number, the name and Social Security Number of his or her deceased sponsor and the signature date.

Forms can be mailed to DFAS, US Military Annuitant Pay, PO Box 7131, London, KY 40742-7131, or can be faxed to 1-800-982-8459.