In reference to regaining the medical care that we were promised I'm attempting to pick up where I stopped on 29 July 05 when Hurricane Katrina hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast where I live. As often as I can I will keep the Brown Bag and HR602/S407 Cosponsor Status web page at THIS LINK updated.

The total number of Brown Bag letters indicated (55,798) is way short of the actual number of BB letters sent because I do not have all of the data that has been provided to me by the Class Act Group volunteers in Ft. Walton Beach FL, included. Part of that paper work was wash away by Katrina and I simply have not had the time to include the other data I have into the BB letter data base.

Lately, all of my time and energy is being devoted to the process of trying to rebuild after Katrina.

I extend my many thanks to the folks that have continued to work the Brown Bag Project, which is defined at THIS LINK, and all of the other activities associated with trying to regain what we were promised and trying to hold on to what we have.

Floyd Sears
Aka Brown Bag Project Manager