By BGen Bob Clements, USAF (Ret.)

Many of us are military retirees who have served our country with honor and this includes the widows or widowers of our fallen comrades. Included also are our brothers at arms, the members of the Guard and Reserves. Without them we are a hollow force instead of a total force.

As living members of that force, we need to support the plight of some 200,000 retired SBP enrollees who would benefit from accelerating the paid-up SBP effective date. We also need, as a coalition of brothers at arms, to plug MOAA's alert to support Senate amendments on concurrent receipt for the 100% disabled (“unemployables”), SBP (paid-up SBP and SBP/DIC offset), and health care for the Selected Reserves.

We are dragging our efforts with only 3,000 messages so far, and that's way less than the numbers MOAA has experienced in prior alert efforts.

I suspect the reason is because not that many people are personally affected by most of these issues… but, as stated above, 200,000 retired SBP enrollees would benefit from accelerating the paid-up SBP effective date. That is a large number of deserving people in our family.

We only make progress on most of these things if we all support each other's issues. If everybody said, “I'm only going to ask my legislators to support things that affect me personally,” we'd have a lot fewer people pushing any given initiative. We win big if we all support each other. We lose big when we don't.

Can I urge you folks, members or not of MOAA, to go to their Web site HERE, then type in their ZIP code and send the message?

I'd appreciate it and what is more important, those 200,000+ people out there deserving of our support would appreciate it. It takes so little time to make a difference in someone's life.

These people are part of our family. Lets not leave them behind. Just take a couple of minutes out of your life. “It Is the right thing to do.”