A great letter from Air Force retiree Jim Whittington who tells it like it is in our government today. I wonder if “The Honorable Mississippi Congressional Delegation“ will actually see it - but if they do, it would greatly surprise me if they answer, other than via some flunky's form letter! So the beat goes on and the rich get richer! - Jug

The Honorable Mississippi Congressional Delegation
(For Staff: Please pass to the Senators/Congressmen. - Thanks.)


If it weren't so STUPID it would be funny. But it is a REAL SITUATION.

Fox TV News has just reported (Sheppard Smith, from MS, reporting) from Diamond Head, MS) stated and showed photos of the New Orleans Super Dome that is to be repaired. The Federal Government is GIVING, DONATING, GRANTS to the owners of the New Orleans Superdome. $91 Million Dollars to repair the Dome. The Federal government being Congress and the Taxpayer (us) picking up the tab.

This is to be used to repair damages caused by Hurricane Katrina.

This is the most STUPID item I have seen the Government make today. You folks are apparently out of control to allow something like this to happen. I know there is no oversight and no accountability on the part of Congress in any given situation, but this is DUMB AND DUMBER.

You allow $91 Million to a private corporation but you allow DOD to increase Tricare fees for the military retirees? DOD says that the retirees are taking away funds from equipment and other items necessary to fight the war on Terrorism, but you can allow $91 MILLION in free money to the Superdome? Get Real! This is the absolutely height of HYPOCRISY.

There are victims and there are victims and the SUPERDOME ain't one of the victims.

I am asking - no, demanding - an answer, which I will never get from anyone in Congress, as they also hide behind the Don't ask —don't tell policy. In other words, we can't get answers.

Military retirees are facing huge increases in Tricare fee and cuts in service and you people in Congress “fiddle” while Rome burns - or better still, while the U.S. “Implodes” from within all because Congress has fallen prey to huge lobbyist payoffs wanting to get reelected.

Gentlemen, is asking to much to ask you to stand up and be counted and object to such give-aways as $91 MILLION to repair the Superdome. Dumb and Dumber.

How about an answer. My toll free number is 1-888-426-9734. Any calls from any of you?

Jim Whittington
622 West 21st Street
Laurel, MS.