Forwarded by Floyd Sears

Dear Mr. Sears:

Would it help get coverage on the Retired Military Veterans “Promises Broken” if we bombard the media with e-mails? What do you think ? Has anyone contacted Larry King or Lou Dobbs ?

Thank you,
Retired Veteran

Dear Retired Veteran:

In answer to your question, everything that you have suggested has been tried many, many times. All of the news media personalities have been contacted many times. I know this based on e-mails people send me telling me what they are doing. I have contacted, in person and on the phone, several news reporters along the Mississippi Gulf Coast concerning the “military retiree medical care broken promise issue, and the greatest swindle of all time… a broken contract with America's military retirees” with lots of backup documentation and basically they tell me that it's not news.

In frustration I asked one reporter if I stripped naked at the main gate at Keesler AFB and wrote “broken promise” on my back side would that be news. He said that it would and it would make the front page. So far I've resisted the temptation to do that.

There are many individual efforts going on at this time that very few people know about. People tell me what they are doing, but due to the fact that I would swamp the e-mail networks if I forwarded everything I get… I don't.

There is a good reason for not forwarding everything I get. If one gets involved in the e-mail network to the point where they are sending e-mail to a large number of people, as I do, one would discover that one gets fussed at a lot because of what they “are” or “are not” doing. Those folks that work the Internet e-mail lists develop thick skin, but in spite of that some of the barbs that get thrown hurt.

The fact that the military retiree grass roots is not very well organized is something that has always bothered me. I, and many other military retirees that I'm aware of, have made many attempts to get military retiree grass rooters organized on the Internet with limited success. The Brown Bag Project, addressed at the top of MRGRG is one of the many attempts that has been made to organize an effort. It got started with a bang, but is now faltering.

Unlike the active duty military, we can not require people to fall in, stand at attention, and listen to the order of the day. At the very best, we can only make suggestions concerning what people might do. Nobody has to comply or report. Trying to get something organized on the Internet is very difficult.

Retired Veteran, I am forwarding this e-mail to the CAG/MRGRG e-mail network, with your e-mail address hidden, because I've been asked a similar question by many people many times.