(Mailed to Senators and Representatives by Ron Shaw)

Dear Recipients:

To get my vote, and the vote of thousands of other Military Retirees, action must be taken to bring our issues before the Floor of both Houses of Congress for a Vote this Congressional year.

These issues include: “Broken Promise Legislation (HR602/S407), SBP, and Full Concurrency. The lack of Your Support to bring these issues forward for a Floor Vote will result in our action against you this Fall and the years to follow.

We know, as you know, that your co-sponsorship of a given bill for Military Retirees has been nothing more than a shallow showing of Lip Service during certain “Patriotic Days” of the year, with absolutely no intent of a follow through in our behalf.

Your own trough is so full of personal benefits and “Pork” that you have all forgotten who “We The People” are, and once elected it appears you have no regard for your constituency unless they have powerful enough “Money Lobbyists” to grab your attention with some personal benefit for you and yours.

Please take the appropriate action now to do the job you were elected to do and fully represent Military Retirees, as well as other legitimate needy groups, as a bona fide part of “We The People.”

Thank you,

Captain Ron Shaw, USAF, Retired
1008 West 230 North
Orem, Utah 84057