By Russ Vaughn

Disaster strikes a world away.
We get the call, what do we say?
We move at once to ease their plight,
To aid them through their darkest night.

But comes shrill cries from carping Press,
“That's not enough to fix this mess.”
We know that, fools, but give us room
To counter Mother Nature's doom.

America gives to those in need,
With no regard to faith or creed.
We're there for all when need is great.
A helping hand to any state,

That's fallen under Nature's wrath
And needs a lift back to the path.
So what? They may have mocked our ways…
We'll turn our cheek 'til better days.

But there are those who hate us so.
They'll carp and snipe and hit us low.
Who'll bend disaster to their needs
And try to choke us on our deeds.

They'll play their dirty liberal tricks…
For them it's only politics.
In the face of massive human pain
They only think of their own gain.

But the world knows sure whom it must call
When disaster strikes, when nations fall.
America is the beaming light
That fades, dispels disaster's night,

And standing firm provides relief
To salve the pain, allay the grief.
So to hell with what our critics say!
America's fine. Still leads the way.