The ALCU’s ultra liberal concepts, if enacted, could be the death of the America we knew in the 20th Century. Nothing seems sacred to ACLU’s warped sense of justice, but Russ Vaughn capsules the general reaction to their push against the Boy Scouts with this poetic response:

Scout's Honor
By Russ Vaughn

When I was a boy, yep, I was a Scout
And whole time I was, no Scoutmasters came out.
Nope, they stayed in the closet, if any were there,
And no parents protested our Scout meeting prayer.

We believed in our creed, truly honored our oath.
Our duty to God in those years was not loathe.
No, we pledged our young lives that we'd do our best
To honor traditions behind our Scout crest.

But our honor's now questioned by a liberal elite
That will settle for nothing but our total defeat.
Renounce God we're told, or we'll take you to court.
Scouting's now not for kids it's become lawyers' sport.

No, we haven't a right now to say who shall lead
The children we hopefully entrust to this creed.
So these possible predators we're told now to trust,
And hope our young boys don't fall prey to their lust.

I've had it with liberals, I'm full up to here.
They've pushed me beyond any warped legal fear
To the point that I say that whatever they do,
My mission in life: SCREW THE ACLU.

They've robbed me of Christmas, robbed me of youth,
In their misguided crusade for their brand of truth.
Like good ole' Dan Rather, ACLU you're a goner.
I pledge that to you on my cherished Scout's Honor.

Russ Vaughn
2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment
101st Airborne Division
Vietnam 65-66