By Russ Vaughn 9-6-05

It’s readily apparent to most of us
The New Orleans mayor missed the bus,
Ordering those with cars to evacuate,
But those without to sit and wait;

To wait for busses that never came,
Never left the lot to Hizzoner’s shame.
Now water swirls around their wheels
While Mr. Mayor squirms and squeals,

And points the finger everywhere,
At others who the blame should bear.
Mr. Mayor needs to show some class
Take his own advice, get off his ass;

Quit blaming others and get to work,
Stop being a finger pointing jerk;
Act like a man, not a whimpering wuss,
Who fell asleep on the job and missed his bus.

The following commentary by Bob Williams in Wall Street Journal On Line (forwarded by Dick Blaisdell) is just one more “nail in the coffin” of those locals who have been trying so desperately to shift the real blame away from where it most belongs