By Marsha Burks Megehee

Mother, where are you?
Do you remember me?
If only I could find the door
To who you used to be.

I see a look within your eyes
That fills my heart with fear.
Dear Mother, Where are you now?
I wish you still were here.

Each day we live “The Long Goodbye”
As you wander far away.
I cannot find my Mother now,
And I’ve still so much to say.

Words to bless and comfort you,
Both here… and where you’ve gone.
I pray God grants you mercy,
As you travel realms unknown.

Today I’ll hug the stranger
I’ve never met before,
Who looks just like my Mother did,
Who’s not here anymore.

Copyright March 25, 2006
Marsha Burks Megehee

Dedicated with love to my mother, Melva Rester Burks

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