By Marsha Burks Megehee.

Don't hurt the terrorists, they might sue!
We just can't have them black and blue.
Make “Nice” with them for heaven's sake,
Take pains that you no bones do break.

Refrain from panties on their heads.
Forget what wise old Sun Tzu said.
In this war don't you dare
Shave their legs of Muslim hair.

Feed them good and kiss their asses,
As memories of Nine Eleven passes.
Offend them not - cause no pain,
Though mustard gas should fall like rain,

Subways look like Hiroshima,
Abdullah has to bail out FEMA!
Turn your cheek a hard three-sixty,
From dirty bombs… Broadway to Dixie.

Remember we must not offend,
Though gasping on a radiant wind!
The world must love us as we die!
Bend over… kiss your ass goodbye!

Copyright 2005