By Jug Varner

While I try to be fair in representing all branches of our military forces on this website, I hope you will forgive an occasional push I give to my beloved Navy. It is a compulsory urge over which I seem to have no control.

One doesn’t appreciate change when he or she is a part of it, as much as when standing afar and seeing it more objectively from a distance in time and place.

I remember what a great difference I saw in the Navy when, five years after WWII, I was recalled for duty in the Korean War. Then, after I retired in 1968, the changes I saw during rare visits to Navy ships or installations thru the years always impressed me.

That’s why I say, if you have been away from the Navy even a few years, you probably wouldn’t believe the quality of the officers and crews in the fleet today, nor the fantastic changes in our SHIPS AND AIRCRAFT.

Thanks to Howard Rien, U.S. Navy (Ret),, who forwarded this Sea Power presentation.