From CO, NAS Pensacola and acting regional commander - Captain John Pruitt, USN
Forwarded by ANA.


  • A majority of base roads are impassable.
  • Generator power to selected buildings only.
  • Reported damage to every building on station - 90% suffered significant damage.
  • Currently no power - no water - no sewage.
  • Sporadic gas leaks exist all over the base.
  • Phone landlines restored on limited capability this morning
  • Internet connectivity - website still down. ETR sometime this afternoon.
  • Base Public Affairs Office destroyed - photo lab destroyed.
  • Naval Air Technical Training Center is completely under water.
  • Pensacola Naval Air Station Museum structure held up. S-3 President Bush flew aboard USS Abraham Lincoln is intact and undamaged.
  • Coast Guard station reported destroyed.
  • Air Station Cemetery intact.
  • Approximately 10% of power lines are down - conservative estimate.
  • Runways are capable - Air Control tower structure ok - Radar is down


  • All personnel attached to the base are present and/or accounted for. No reported injuries.
  • 2900 sailors are stationed at local shelters in the community. Working with the American Red Cross to unload supplies and food.
  • No one allowed on base due to power lines being down - Base restricted only to Emergency and disaster relief personnel.
  • Florida National Guard from all over the state is inbound for relief efforts. ETA this afternoon.
  • NMCB 1 Seabee detachment (48 Personnel) from Gulfport left Gulfport, MS at 0200 but has not yet arrived due to road damage outside of the base.
  • Seabee detachments also scheduled to arrive Saturday AM and Sunday AM.
  • OIC of Seabee detachment OIC is RADM Wayne Shear


  • Media availability via conference call today at 1530 EST - RADM Shear and Capt Pruitt.
  • Harry White to coordinate via cell phone/land line.
  • Phone interview with NPR conducted yesterday - disconnected midway through - unclear if ever aired.
  • No interviews on base until the environment is safe - aiming for media availability on base tomorrow or Sunday.
  • Imagery - Pictures taken of the base by PAO - Working with NMCI to transmit those photos to MEDIACEN and CHINFO.

POC - LT Robert Lyon, USN - CNATRA PAO - Corpus Christi.
NETC personnel off line - no contact. Not allowed on base at NAS Pensacola.


  • All Blue Angels operations are on hold.
  • Scheduled show this weekend in Nantucket is canceled.
  • Every member of Blue Angels reporting damage to their homes.
    - Currently working on return plan to Pensacola.
  • All shows for the next week are on hold.


  • Every hangar at Whiting is missing its roof.
  • Aircraft damage in hangars is suspected. Full BDA still ongoing.
  • No one other than emergency personnel are allowed on base.
  • Two-thirds of all primary air training is held at NAS Whiting.
  • Primary and helicopter training held at NAS Whiting completely down for approximately two weeks.
  • Current plan is to move training operations to Meridian, MS. No damage at all reported at Meridian.

POC: Stacey J. Byington - Base PAO. Phone: 228-761-2164.
Commanding Officer - CDR Steven Rea, USN

  • USS Yorktown (CG 48) u/w as scheduled.
  • USS Ticonderoga (CG 47) & USS Stephen W Groves (FFG 29) still pier side. Ships are both re-manned. 100% space walkthroughs complete. No damage, structural external or internal reported.
  • Electrical Power to the pier and ship shore power restored.
  • All personnel present and/or accounted for. No reported injuries.
  • Minimal damage at NAVSTA reported.
  • Several small trees uprooted, tree limbs broken off, and two light poles toppled around the base. Part of the roof of MWR eatery blown off, and minor wind damage to some base signage reported.


  • PCUs - USS James E Williams (DDG 95) u/w for Hurricane avoidance.
  • Remainder of ships, USS Halsey (DDG 97), USS Forrest Sherman (DDG 98) and USS San Antonio (LPD 17) report no damage. All personnel present and/or accounted for.

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