By Mark D. Faram, Staff Writer, Navy Times, October 24, 2006

Sailors can get ready to kiss their paper service records goodbye. Navy officials have announced a new electronic service version of the enlisted personnel record that can be viewed on the Web by sailors as well as their commands, if they have secure computer access.

Each person will be able to view his or her personnel, training and awards data without visiting their personnel office. Effective immediately, all active-duty and Reserve enlisted sailors can request a user account to view their service record.

Once they have access, sailors will be able to do basic updating of their personnel data, such as next of kin, address and e-mail addresses. Changing and correcting other information, such as anything impacting pay or awards, for example, will still have to be done through a sailor’s personnel support detachment.

Command master chiefs and other leadership at a sailor’s command can also get read-only versions of a record. Officer paper records were eliminated years ago, and officers have been verifying their information electronically through BuPers Online ever since. How or if this new version will impact officers is not yet clear.