By Jug Varner

Best wishes to all of our Navy men, women and dependents on Navy Day, 27 October 2005.

Here is how Navy Day came into being:

Concerned about disarmament in the years following WWI, the Navy League of the United States sponsored the first national observance of Navy Day in 1922 to give recognition to the naval service.

The Navy League of New York proposed that the official observance be annually on 27 October in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt, who was born on that day and is historically associated with America's Great White Fleet.

On December 16, 1907, the United States Battle Fleet began a journey that concluded by circumnavigating the globe. While navies today travel throughout the world as part of their standard mission, such a feat had never been attempted before 1907.

Perhaps such brashness on the part of the United States might have been attributed to its recent debut on the world stage as victor in the Spanish-American War, or perhaps, as his detractors claimed, President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt just wanted to demonstrate “Big Stick” Diplomacy.

Regardless of purpose, the cruise of the Great White Fleet truly ushered in the “American Century.”

For an in-depth look at this naval history, click on http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq42-1.htm