I may sound as if I am grasping at straws for a story here, but did you ever wonder why Wednesday is pronounced WENS-DAY, instead of WED-NES-DAY? And where the heck did the originator of the word come up with it?

Or do you even care?

Well I'm going to tell you anyhow and if you keep reading I'll expose the entire week to those of you who never even thought about why each day is so-named.

WEDNESDAY is derived from the Old English word Wodnesdæg or Woden's day. Woden was a god corresponding to Odin, the supreme deity of the Scandinavians.

THURSDAY comes from the Scandinavian name Thor, the god of thunder.

FRIDAY is the Icelandic derivative of Frigu+daeg. Frigu was the goddess of marriage and the wife of Odin or Woden.

SATURDAY is a bit more straightforward: It comes from Old English word Saterday, literally Saturn's day.

SUNDAY relates to the Anglo Saxon sunnandaeg, the sun+daeg, because this day was anciently dedicated to the sun, or to its worship.

MONDAY is from Old English moon day, day of the moon, day sacred to the moon.

TUESDAY is from another god: Tiw, the god of war. The Old English word evolved as Tiw's day, and eventually became Tuesday.

There you have it in the briefest form possible. Each one is more complicated than what I boiled it down to, but I knew if I didn't keep it simple, I would never get you as far as this paragraph.

So memorize these for future use. There may be a test later on.