By Jug Varner


There are so many Web sites on the Internet that one wonders if there would ever be time (and interest) enough to find them all. I will share a few I have seen that you may find of interest to you.

I ran this as a series a couple of years ago, but have consolidated it into one article and am sending it again as a revised single:

This site offers good information for those contemplating ADOPTION of children.

Price guide provides fair market values for literally thousands of items for the CONSUMER.

If you wonder about the impact studying may have on prison inmates, click EDUCATION.

Locate festivals in your home state, other states or places world-wide at FESTIVALS.

Recipes of all types are provided and rated by readers. If you are into cooking, check out this FOOD site.

Want to travel or live abroad? Click on FOREIGN COUNTRIES first.

A definitive source of information for ant colony enthusiasts awaits you at HOBBY.

Aptly named Netiquette, this site covers proper decorum and use of the Internet. Each of us could do everyone else a favor by checking it out and abiding by its INTERNET RULES.

Here are some of the original names of celebrities before they became famous PEOPLE.

Are you looking for a site devoted exclusively to finding memorable local eateries along the highways and byways of America? Then click on ROAD FOOD. Bon appetite!

Are you quick on the draw? Check your REFLEX time here.

This ultimate research tool lets you compare a wide variety of STUFF.

Commercial advertising during the annual Super Bowl is among the most expensive on TV. Here is a collection of such ads with other interesting SPORTS data.

A network of operation centers, providing highly accurate and comprehensive traffic updates focused on incidents and events across the nation, makes this a good place for travelers to pre-check the TRAFFIC.

Before you go to the nation‘s capital, especially if you are not totally familiar with the area, you will benefit by some good information at WASHINGTON DC.