Young Americans Doing Us Proud

Forwarded by several readers

Martin Savidge of CNN, embedded with the 1st Marine battalion, was talking with four young marines near his foxhole this morning live on CNN. He had been telling the story of how well the marines had been looking out for and taking care of him since the war started. He went on to tell about the many hardships the marines had endured since the war began and how they all look after one another.

He turned to the four and said he had cleared it with their commanders and they could use his videophone to call home. The 19-year-old marine next to him asked Martin if he would allow his platoon sergeant to use his call to call his pregnant wife back home whom he had not been able to talk to in three months. A stunned Savidge who was visibly moved by the request shook his head and the young marine ran off to get the sergeant.

Savidge recovered after a few seconds and turned back to the three young marines still sitting with him and asked which one of them would like to call home first? The marine closest to him responded without a moments hesitation, “Sir, if is all the same to you we would like to call the parents of a buddy of ours, Lance Cpl Brian Buesing of Cedar Key, Florida, who was killed on March 23 near Nasiriya to see how they are doing.”

At that, Martin Savidge totally broke down and was unable to speak. All he could get out before signing off was “Where do they get young men like this?”