By Jug Varner (with partial input from an article by Floyd Sears)

As a unified nation, America has not been totally at war (i.e., where practically everyone was involved) since World War II.

Back then, all able-bodied men and women who were not in the military were somehow involved in building war machines or otherwise supporting the war effort.

Those of us still living today who experienced it remember it well. On the home front, many things were rationed. If you didn't have the rationing stamps you did without. Everywhere you turned you saw and felt the effects of the war and most all Americans participated in the oneness of resolve to win it.

Support was not unanimous, of course, but only a miniscule percent opposed it.

During the Korean, Vietnam and lesser wars, however, nobody except those actively involved felt the awful effects of war. Today, it is much the same. Only those in the military, their families, those who were victims of 911, and those who actively support the War on Terror are involved. Together, they make up only a slight majority of the population.

The Liberal media, Liberal educators, and the rest of the Liberal “politically correct” crowd are totally involved in another kind of war - POLITICS - and are stirring the muddy waters of discontent among their peers, not for what is best for America, but what (they think) is best for themselves.

American journalists for the most part no longer present the simple facts and let the reader decide. They mostly editorialize and slant the “news” by parroting what the controlling interest of their TV, radio or publishing editors want the public to believe. And when it comes to reports about the war in Iraq, it is mostly negative, rarely if ever highlighting the good results of our war fighters or the truth Americans want and need to know.

Many Americans blithely go about their business as if nothing is happening, getting little true information through TV news sound bites, rarely reading any in depth coverage, unaware of the insidious efforts of the millions if our Muslim enemies and their absolute willingness to die for their cause.

Such apathy of Americans is just one more giant step toward the downfall of this great nation. Perhaps even equally as likely a cause as the rabid enemy who vows to kill us all - one way or another.

The valid questions of today have become:

  • Do the American people have the will to survive?
  • What will it take to WAKE UP the apathetic?

Unfortunately, the liberal media massively supports congressional Democrat naysayer leaders Kerry, Kennedy, Reid, Pelosi, et al, who obviously are more concerned about political power than about the dangers that confront us. God help America if the Liberals prevail!

America’s so-called silent majority must once again rise in November and let their votes repudiate these un-American Liberal concepts.