By Kurt G. Gunnery Sergeant, USMC (Ret), June 24, 2006
Forwarded by G. T. Dyer

Let's Talk, Sir

Dear Mr. Murtha,

I've had it. I've had enough sanctimonious hyperbole from you. This has been boiling inside of me for weeks and weeks now. As a retired Marine, I have to speak-up… or my conscience will not let me rest. I've been hoping against hope that you would wake-up and stop the dangerous nonsense… but I know now how foolish that was.

You are badly damaging our military's effectiveness with your irresponsible and completely false rantings. You have become one of the key “useful idiots” that our enemy relies upon for assistance. You are now standing on the same moral and intellectual ground as Cindy Sheehan and that mountainous pile of anti-Americanism, Michael Moore.

People see you now as “Osama's Congressman,” and as someone putting forth “insane strategy”.

Does this bother you? Does it worry you that most sane people think you are completely unhinged? That you have sold out your country's security for cheap political points? That you, as someone who used to wear a Marine Corps uniform, have made a complete mockery of “Semper Fidelis?”

I guess the Marine Corps part is the primary reason for me writing this. There are plenty of far-left people out there undermining our national security- and I could have chosen any of them for a letter like this… but the fact that you were once a Marine is the one thing I just cannot get over. I can't believe that you have said the things you have said about Marines. I am stunned that you could not give Marines the benefit of waiting until charges were investigated before you accused them of abhorrent atrocities.

Immediately and without hesitation, you took the side of our enemy and condemned those Marines… and by doing so, you have emboldened and strengthened the terrorists' cause. To me, that is worse than treason… it is betrayal of a very personal kind. How many Marines and soldiers will now be killed because of the new power you gave the terrorists? How many of America's enemies are celebrating with orgiastic glee the Congressman calling American Marines murderers?

Don't get me wrong, Sir- your behavior is not unprecedented. In my career, I saw several examples of what we call “Semper I.” Do you remember “Semper I?” It is the exact opposite of “Semper Fi.” It is the rare case where a Marine puts himself first- and the hell with his fellow warriors. “Semper I” is the sad reality of human nature… where even the deeper-than-blood-level connection that Marines share cannot overcome a basic flaw in some people. I've seen it before, and I'm seeing it now in you. Your political ambitions- and years of extreme liberal brainwashing- have brought you to moral ruin.

The worst part of it all in your case, though, is that the rest of the deranged far left have grasped onto your betrayal and found new strength in it- as have our enemies. They cite your “war hero” background as proof that your opinions are infallible. Around the world, America's detractors and enemies are seeing our very own media celebrate your “maverick” behavior. Honestly, Sir… how does that make you feel?

I'm sure you remember one of our Corps' most famous moments- when Gunnery Sergeant Dan Daly inspired his men into a no-win firefight with the words, “Come on, you SOB's! You want to live forever?” They answered with a resounding “No” through their actions… they went with him and, in spite of suffering horrendous casualties, they defeated the enemy. No one second-guessed his decision… no one criticized the Marines' actions.

That was World War I - the battle of Belleau Wood. We won that war.

Forget for a moment the fact that your far-left friends of today would crucify this legendary leader for such comments and behavior. Forget that many mistakes were made at all levels of the chain-of-command in that war- and every other war.

Let's just remember that Marines stick together… even when charging into the depths of hell. We do not sell out our fellow Marines. Ever.

You, Sir, have done just that. You have sold out not only the Marines involved in this particular incident- but all the rest of us, as well. You have told the world that Marines are deserving of no due-process because they are just blood-thirsty killers. You have made people believe all the false crap that the anti-American crowd has been trying to pin on us since Vietnam.

Your mistake cannot be excused as just the ramblings of an aging liberal politician. There is too much riding on the title you used to hold… that of Marine. The anti-everything crowd uses your past like a shield of invulnerability- as if you speak the total and complete truth since you used to be one us. You make it appear that this is how any Marine would feel. Your betrayal is far, far more dangerous than that of other anti-American liberals.

All you had to do, Sir, was say “Let's wait until a full investigation is conducted.” That's it. All you had to do was hold your tongue until we all know exactly what happened and who, if anyone, is to blame. The political gain, though, was too tempting… and so you stuck a giant knife in the back of our Corps… and then continued twisting it.

You then compound the betrayal of those Marines by saying things like “There is no way we can win (this war) militarily…” What kind of thing is that to say? Seriously… how completely far-gone do you have to be to say that? Have you asked yourself what Dan Daly would think of that statement? How about Presley O'Bannon… and Sergeant Jarred L. Adams… and Chesty Puller? Do you think they would approve of the things you are saying?

Most of us Marines try to hold ourselves up to the icons of our history… we use them as a measuring stick for our own performance. More than anything, Marines fear not living up to our predecessors. One thing that has always separated us from everyone else is that we do not forget our history… the honor and bravery of those Marines who came before us is the fuel that feeds our Corps.

With all due respect, Sir, you have become a dangerous fool. You have shamed the United States Marine Corps, and endangered countless lives- not to mention the damage done to our mission.

Play politics all you want… attack your political opponents as you see fit… but, for God's sake, leave the Marine Corps out of your politics. On behalf of the Marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen serving our country now… please stop attacking our military and shut the hell up.

Most sincerely and respectfully,

Kurt G.
Gunnery Sergeant, USMC, Retired

P.S. Okinawa??

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