From Col Thomas R. Kelly via 1stAdmPAO

In my job I see all the casualty reports as they come in. We had quite a few in Fallujah today, 10 November, but I thought one in particular was worth passing along.

A Marine Company 1st Sgt injured his back. OK, not so unusual. After all he is 47 years old and maybe not as limber as he used to be. I then took a quick look at how he was injured. It was from lifting a HUMVEE (M998 HMVVV weights approx 5,200 lbs). I continued to read.

His vehicle was caught in a firefight and received a flat tire. The driver immediately jumped out, jacked up the vehicle and attempted to fix the flat and get the Humvee back in motion, when it slipped, pinning the Marine driver. The 1stSgt performed immediate action to rescue his Marine, but injured his back in the process.

I wasn't on the scene, but I can only imagine that the immediate action went something like this:

Step #1- 1st Sgt lifts HUMVEE up (and injures his back in process).

Step #2 - 1st Sgt yells, “#&*()_* get the (*&)))) out from under this vehicle Marine”.

Step #3 - Driver does as 1stSgt commands.

The Marine driver was injured, but survived.

I wanted to pass along this story to those of you who are Marines, because you'll understand.

Marines take care of their own.

Happy 229th Marine Corps Birthday and Semper Fi,