By Jug Varner

A funny thing happened on the way to this article.

Awaking early one morning, but still in bed, I began constructing a mental outline for a story I would write about the insight on human nature one gains after living and observing it in various places around the world for 80-plus years.

The more I thought about it, the better and more complete the outline became - to the point that I felt the necessity to get out of bed, go straight to the computer, turn it on, and start writing furiously to capture the essence of this unfolding idea.

On the way to the den I suddenly remembered an even greater immediate necessity - to place our weekly accumulation of trash at our curbside for the early morning pickup. That took several minutes, but I accomplished it prior to the arrival of the disposal truck. I then closed the garage door and came back inside.

Still another necessity beckoned and I responded to “nature’s call” before cranking up the trusty computer.

By this time, wife Bonnie had arisen and wandered in to ask why I hadn’t made the usual pot of decaf… and I stopped to take care of that little task as well.

The sun was now well above the horizon and it was time for my daily exercise of walking or bicycling before breakfast and I decided to get that out of the way first. At least it would offer time for continued fine-tuning of my ideas about the subject of the piece I would write when I returned.

During the four mile bike ride, many distractions of traffic, exercising neighbors on foot or bikes saying hello, water bird beauty and antics along the shore of our community’s lake, ad infinitum, altered the thought processes somewhat, and I never got back to the outline.

At home again, it was time for breakfast… so we did that, then the phone calls began… then the repairman arrived to fix the partial electrical outage caused by a lightening bolt from a recent storm.

Finally, things settled down to a more peaceful routine and I mentioned to Bonnie that I needed to get on this idea for a story that I created before I got up. She asked me to briefly tell her about it.

Suddenly, my mind was a complete blank!

Only then did I realize that the story was only a DREAM ABOUT WRITING A STORY! Everything that I laid out so nicely in that pre-dawn reverie was gone after I awoke, and I obviously was still in a half-daze when I realized I needed to take out the trash.

Perhaps only those of us who are writers would dream about writing a story, but strange things can happen during sleep. Many times I have had what seemed like a great idea and thought I should get up and write some of the details on paper so I would remember them. Seldom did that ever actually occur, but I remember one instance when I did get up and make some quick notes. The next morning I couldn’t make any sense out of what I had written. It looked like gibberish in a foreign language.

Frankly, I must be a much better writer in my dreams because I couldn’t seem to recreate it on paper nearly as definitively as I remember it was going to be. Oh, well… so much for philosophy and the insight one gains along life’s highways and byways.