By Jug Varner

Recently a news story quoted one of our soldiers in Iraq as wondering, “How can anyone say they ‘support the troops, but not the war? ‘” I agree. Mere lip service is not supporting the troops. Real support requires coming together as a majority in our resolve to recognize and defeat the enemy.

Those of us who served in WWII could never have won that great conflict without the overwhelming support of our nation as a whole. In so doing, America became the greatest nation in the world.

Such support slowly dissolved during the Korean War and then almost totally disintegrated during the Vietnam War, leaving a generation of honorable servicemen reviled by a “new minority group” of anti-war crusaders. Included were some who had fled to Canada to escape the draft, hippy flower children dumbed out on drugs, liberal anti-military college students and professors, along with others who had no axe to grind other than wanting to end the war.

Not until the tragedy of 9-11 was the American public jarred into the reality of a growing menace of world-wide terrorism and a reawakening of patriotism here.

Unfortunately by that time, ultra liberalism had become entrenched in our mainstream media, public schools and universities and in certain areas of government that fostered the concept of “political correctness.”

Today, some in congress who are more interested in regaining lost power and demeaning President Bush than in doing what is best for this nation. Mainstream media and anti-war groups underestimate and/or refuse to believe the insidious threat to America. All are playing right into the enemy’s hands. Their actions are inadvertently encouraging the enemy’s belief that we soon will lose our national resolve, give up the fight and be easy to defeat in the long term.

Hopefully, 2006 will bring a wake-up call for the silent majority to stand up and be counted for a national return to moral and common sense values, the importance of supporting the war effort and getting back to reality.

As we begin this New Year, it is increasingly important that we support our troops in every way possible - if we would truly honor them. They risk their lives hourly for us in a cause in which they believe. That cause is to protect our way of life against a deadly enemy that would destroy any and all that opposes it - particularly Americans.

Please click here for a video salute to today' real American HEROES.