By Jug Varner

There is an old saying about human nature that those who have done a lot of volunteer work can attest to: “Ten percent do all the work and ninety percent complain about it.”

I believe that statement well describes a Web organization (that represents even LESS than10%) of our military retirees. This group has faithfully and relentlessly pursued a goal over the years to get the government (i.e. Congress) to take action that would reverse its broken promises to military retirees. Unfortunately, the 90% either don’t know about this effort, or are too complacent (or afraid to rock the boat) to get behind it in full force. But thanks to the efforts of this 10% or less, military retirees now have TriCare For Life and a few stalwarts in Congress who have taken up the cause in our behalf. But that is only a “beginning” for this group.

There are a number of people in the group who deserve a lot of credit, but one in particular, Floyd Sears, has developed an effective Web site and coordinates its effort as the Webmaster.

If you are a retiree, do yourself a favor by setting aside an hour (or less) of your so-called valuable time, click on to the Website link that follows below, and read EVERY item therein. If you are not amazed and impressed by what this less than 10% are trying to do for you, then you don’t deserve the rewards you are reaping from their efforts!

On the other hand, if you appreciate their efforts, join in and give them some support that will benefit all military retirees, current and future. Here is your chance to make it… TEN PERCENT, OR MORE!

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