By Jug Varner

Excuse me if I don’t understand the thinking of these politically correct, liberal-thinking do-gooders who either do not remember, or do not care that:
Muslims bombed Pan Am Flight 103;
Muslims bombed the World Trade Center in 1993;
Muslims bombed the Marine barracks in Lebanon;
Muslims bombed the military barracks in Saudi Arabia;
Muslims bombed the American Embassies in Africa;
Muslims bombed the USS COLE;
Muslims attacked the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001; and that
Thousands of Americans lost their lives in these vicious Muslim actions!

Excuse me if I don’t understand the logic of these same politically correct Liberal thinking do-gooders who have given blatant approval for the United States Postal Service to honor the coming EID Muslim holiday season with a commemorative first class postage stamp.

To reconcile their reasoning for this “love your enemies” decision, one of their responses to this outrage might be: “Oh, but these are American citizens, not the evil kind.”

Yes, some of these Muslims may be American citizens, but some of them also have aided and abetted those involved in the above listed attacks and undoubtedly would do so in the future as well. And if they wouldn’t, they would be subject to the same fate the Muslim world wishes for all so-called “Infidels” - the Muslim description for all who do not go along with their warped thinking.

Surely, those who approve U.S. stamp designs must know that Americans - more than any others - head the list of the Muslim hatred for anyone world-wide who disagrees with their murderous tenets.

Purchasing and/or using this stamp would be deplorable, disgraceful, disgusting, dishonorable, and disloyal to all Americans who died at the hands of those this stamp would honor.

I sincerely hope that every patriot who reads this will support those in uniform by joining this boycott and telling the people at the U.S. Postal service exactly how we feel about it - in no uncertain terms.