By Jug Varner

As it affects your own life, what do you consider to be most important technical advancement of the 20th Century? Air Travel? Air Conditioning? Atomic Power? Automobile? Computer? Radio/TV? Telephone? Satellites? Space exploration? Other?

I hope you didn't choose the Cell Phone! For all of its seeming advantages, it has major disadvantages with no redeeming social value.

Multitudes of zombies are everywhere in their cars these days with a cell phone growing out of their ear. They pay little heed to the important function of driving, and, if they don't have a wreck in the process, they eventually park. Continuing their mindless yaking, they walk through parking lots, across busy thoroughfares, or along sidewalks, blithely ignoring other pedestrians (many with this same “ear problem”), and pay no heed to cars backing out of parking spaces or approaching on the road, about to collide with them. They are definitely an on-and-off-road traffic hazard.

Inside airline terminals, public institutions and stores, they traverse aisles, escalators, and elevators, chatting away with someone about mundane matters that in most instances surely could wait. These are the same inconsiderate nerds who bring them to restaurants and other public places, especially where seating is close together, and bore us even further with their ego problems. Or, they carry them to meetings, even to church, and, of course, leave the ringer on so it will be sure to interrupt the thoughts of those who are there for serious purposes. They obviously want the rest of us to know how important they are — to themselves.

What did these folks do for a life before the cell phone came along?

They must not know it was invented by the Devil, and some day they will burn in Hell for breaking the 11th Commandment —”Thou shalt have due consideration for your fellow human beings.”