Freedom Ship Dream May Become Reality
By Jug Varner

Last year I included an article about a Sarasota-based corporation's proposed 25-story, 750' wide, mile-long Freedom Ship. Today, the Sarasota Tribune carried a follow-up article about the officials who are steering a course to raise the $20 million necessary to make that dream a reality.

Paul Genova, a New Jersey-based financial planner and accountant is the president. Daniel kochenash, former Toysrus.com executive, is chief operating officer, and Perry DeFontane, former head of a private consulting firm, is chief financial officer. Norman Nixon, founder of the project, is chief executive of Freedom Ship International.

Tribune Writer Michael Pollick describes Freedom Ship as “a city that never enters a port, but instead, progresses through an endless trip around the world. Anchorages would be made within short distances of major global destinations.”

“Airplanes would land and take-off from the top deck and fairly large ships would dock within Freedom Ship's ample stern,” he continues. “The floating city would have its own schools, hospitals, stores and parks. Its financial success, though, would hinge on a planned 300,000 sq.ft. casino, a 10,000 room hotel, 3,100 time-share units, and 17,000 condo-style residences.”

The group has had numerous discussions with hotel chains, casino operators, retailers and service providers interested in the project. Genova stated, “Over the past year we have created so much momentum, we feel that within the next six months things are really going to start snowballing.”

If the current private stock sale is successful, and financing efforts bear fruit, acquisition of a shipyard property in Honduras would be the next major step. There, steel subsections would be built and floated to deeper water for assembly.

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