By Byron D. Varner, Commander, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

How much more misdirected and far-fetched in their
damning of President Bush can these liberal critics get?

According to former Senator Robert Kennedy, the Hurricanes are President Bush’s fault because he didn‘t join with the tree-huggers who supported members in the United Nations in their paper pledge to stop the so-called Greenhouse effect! Yeah, sure… as if that could have been done overnight, in a forte night, in a year or ever, by signing some treaty most of them would not have adhered to - if, in reality, the idea had any validity in the first place.

Those same UN members, many of whom were profiting greatly from selling Sadaam Hussein nuclear supplies and equipment, were particularly irked when President Bush wouldn‘t agree to turn over control of our military to the UN and the majority would not support the American stand against the Muslim extremists in Iraq and Afghanistan. With the UN’s track record of “do-nothing appeasement” in the Middleast, we can thank THEM as much as anyone for the escalation of the Iraq war.

Bush was the only president in modern times besides his father who had the guts to do something to stem the tide… and even the elder Bush gave in to UN demands instead of finishing off Iraq during the Gulf war crisis 10 years earlier. Apparently our liberal media agrees more with the UN than with the American majority who support the president and reelected him.

Now the liberals rant that George Bush’s quick reaction to the Gulf Coast disaster was TOO SLOW. Obviously they think marshalling of all of the government forces that need to be involved can be accomplished overnight. Never in our history has a president’s remedial action to any disaster been so quick and so forceful as this one - despite the billions of dollars it will take to do the job.

Our Commander-in-Chief is doing everything he possibly can to “protect and defend” the people of America, and the liberals just don't comprehend.

They should be praising him - not damning him - for his sincere concern and immediate action to send quick money and do whatever possible in this dire situation — but, instead, he is IMPERIAL because he first viewed the disaster on a detour of Air Force One enroute to Washington. Think about it, folks. Air Force One couldn’t have landed anywhere within a 400 mile radius of New Orleans or Gulfport that day!

While each of us feels deep sorrow and pity for these Gulf Coast residents’ great losses - and many of us are sending whatever we can spare financially to help them - those who for whatever reason would not heed the dire warnings to evacuate are certainly responsible for their own plight. BUT, it was “the government‘s fault,” not their own, according to practically everyone who was interviewed on TV as they waded out of the water and climbed atop an undamaged section of I-10.

The only one I heard that wasn’t blaming Bush or the government for their situation and lack of food or water was one elderly black man whose only comment was, “God is punishing New Orleans because it is an evil city.”

And what about the officials in New Orleans? They have known for years that the city is well below sea level, protected only by a dike system badly in need of repairs and could easily be wiped out by a ferocious storm. They certainly knew something should be done. Why didn’t THEY do it. Perhaps their excuse was that they wanted federal government to pay for it, not New Orleans.

In truth it will likely require several years and untold billions to return New Orleans alone to its former status and location, not to mention all the other cities and villages that were affected. It would take about two days for another category 4 or 5 hurricane to demolish New Orleans again some time in the future if it still lies below sea level.

Once the heartfelt sympathy stages of recovering lives, healing the wounded and finding places for the survivors to live and work has been accomplished, the cost to return this ravaged city to its pre-storm condition may be so staggering that a new location farther from the flood dangers may prove to be the only conceivable solution for a future New Orleans. If so, no doubt that will be George Bush’s fault, as well.

Liberal democrats' damning and blaming every move President Bush makes has been going on since the defeat of their candidate Al Gore - and their surprise loss of power. It got steadily worse after he won reelection by a much wider margin throughout the country, despite the majority of the national media’s parroting the hateful liberal opposition. They can’t seem to read the average American very well, or simply don't care.

Their outright lies, borderline slander, half-truths, opposition to all federal appointments, and shameful stalling tactics continues unabated in both the media and in Congress - with scant regard for anything but their own political ends.

Fortunately, the majority of the American public is smarter than their elected representatives and thinking people can see through these delaying tactics that cripple and corrupt, but do not correct the problems in our society. Of course, there are many “by-standers” who go along with the tide, believing the big lie until it bites them.

Unfortunately for some of the Senators and Representatives running for reelection, fed-up voters may give them the boot and elect someone who cares about the people.

The president’s call, to put aside politics and join with him in unity during the perilous days ahead for those in the Gulf Coast area and America in general, will no doubt fall on deaf ears of these arrogant people if the current BLAME BUSH stories that continue to escalate in the media are any gauge of their intentions.

It is understandable for victims in the midst of the fury that devastated the Gulf coast to be critical of what seems excruciatingly slow relief in the midst of a storm, but it is another matter for the media and political hacks to try to take advantage of the opportunity by blaming the president and his party, where such blame is not necessarily deserved.

I doubt that many (if any) liberal media moguls or members of Congresss will be reading this article or agreeing with it if they do, but if they should happen to see it, I offer the following heartfelt suggestion for them to consider:


Here is something from the web that came after I wrote this. It helps make my point, but perhaps more succinctly!