By Jug Varner

One of the great things about the Internet is making new friends. I have met many people through my Keeping Apace Website, and the many opportunities to assist others in some small way often opens doors that non-surfers may never have the opportunity to experience.

My two sons have also found this true. One recently married a beautiful person he met through this communications medium and the other son has also met an ideal companion although they haven’t moved up to the marriage plateau.

Not long ago I received an E-mail regarding one of my articles in Jug‘s Journal, asking if I had the sheet music to the song, In A Little Red Barn.

Click on that link, read the story, then come back to this article for the finale concerning the great tsunami that struck the homeland of my Internet friend, Carlo Fernando.
After the tsunami devastation I tried for a number of weeks to contact Carlo, to no avail. Somehow I felt that he and his family may have survived, but never could establish contact again. When I received the recent E-mail request for sheet music, I tried his web address again and found that it was up and running. Heartened that he may have survived but also wary that someone other than Carlo was operating it, I sent the following E-mail:

To Carlo Fernando:

Following the terrible tsunami devastation that hit your area, I tried for several weeks to contact you but never received a response. Tonight I noticed that your website was active and responded to my click. I hope that means that you and your family survived and that you are back on the web again.

If someone other than Carlo receives this message, please respond and let me know what the status is. I certainly hope it is GOOD news!

The lyrics I received from my initial request to Carlo were for the song, “In A Little Red Barn On A Farm Down In Indiana.” The story I wrote about Carlos at that time may be seen on my website at http://www.keepingapace.com. Go to left column of my Home Page and click on JUG'S JOURNAL, then click on “In A Little Red Barn.”

Jug Varner.


Hi Jug::

Nice to hear from you again. Thank God, we are safe. We live about 7 km away from the western coast.

Yes it was a terrible tragedy. It's nice to know that there are friends who care, though they are thousands of miles away.

Incidentally, did you hear that none of the animals in the 'Yala Park' bordering the southern coast was affected? They all had moved inland minutes before the great waves wreaked havoc on humans. Also, apparently the water which flowed miles into the land, did not carry any fish and no fish was found dead on land (this is not confirmed, but an after thought, I am trying to get confirmation from people in affected areas. So far a few have confirmed).

These facts go to show, that the animals which do not harm nature, were well protected by her. We humans who have discarded natural instincts, and with the supposed development, have harmed the nature, received the wrath of nature in its full fury. The animals through their instincts, knew that they had to go inland for survival.

Interesting, isn't it? (Alarming about the future of humans?)

Anyway, thanks again for enquiring about my family. Also thanks for writing about me in your web site.

Best regards

Where else but on the Internet?