By Jug Varner

By the time you read this, or soon thereafter, the main thrust of the War with Iraq may be in the “peace-keeping” and “establishment of a provisional government” stage. Let's hope so. It certainly has been an amazing thing to watch “live” on TV.

No doubt the ratings will reflect a phenomenal viewer percentage in favor of the news channels, and I would be surprised if the Fox News Network doesn't led the pack in the ratings of the cable news stations, and perhaps even the major networks.

Of course, as Yogi Berra once said in his quaint way, “It ain't over 'til it's over,” so I don't mean to be presumptuous. It could take longer to eliminate the resistance than some news analysts predict, and those in charge of the war are careful not to sound too optimistic. But maybe the fat lady will start singing sooner than anyone dared to expect.

On the home front, the war has been a resounding victory over the naysayers of the liberal persuasion…especially the Hollywood crowd…and the peaceniks, many of whom have no idea that they are dupes of anti-America forces who finance these expensive rallies.

Don't get me wrong. I fought in three wars defending Americans' right to speak out against issues that they honestly believe are wrong, but when the shooting starts, and our military people are in harms way, thoughtful protesters put down their signs and go home. This leaves mainly Hollywood, and the inexperienced and uninformed youth as the primary force of a vitriolic anti-war body. Or is it merely anti-Bush?

My reason for mentioning all this is an article P38Bob sent me, written by Tom Adkins before the war started. So, while it is a bit dated it is, in retrospect, rather interesting reading.

Tom poses a series of statements from naysayers, and answer each with ironic wit. It is a long article, so I am excerpting some but not all of them to shorten it a bit.

  • Young Americans will die in battle. – Would you prefer they die in skyscrapers?
  • We are in a rush to war.A 12-year rush?
  • Tough inspections can disarm Saddam Hussein without invading Iraq. – 12 years of inspections have done wonders so far?
  • We should let the inspectors finish their job. – We did. They didn't. We will.
  • There's no proof of weapons. – We know they have 'em, we know they hide 'em, and we have tape recordings and photographs. What more is needed? An Iraqi rocket in Martin Sheen's shorts?
  • If we invade, Saddam Hussein might use those weapons of mass destruction against us. – I thought you said Iraq didn't have them?
  • But terrorists might attack if we invade Iraq. – Oh, so if we don't attack Iraq, terrorists will never strike again?
  • We shouldn't go to war without a UN resolution. – Another resolution? What about the last 18 resolutions? Shall we use them as wallpaper? Or shall we use the same resolutions Bill Clinton used in Bosnia? He didn't go to the UN on Bosnia.
  • We don't have a real declaration for war. – It's called “Joint Congressional resolution #114.
  • The French don't support the war. – Oh, did they surrender already?
  • Germany objects to this war. – Germany objected to Reagan's “attitude” towards the Soviet Union. Of course, they objected to our presence in 1943 as well.
  • Belgians are against the war. – I can live without waffles and ice cream.
  • Russia doesn't support the war. – They are still angry over Reagan's brilliant Cold War victory.
  • What happens if we can't build a United Nations coalition? – Who cares?
  • But the UN is the world's most respected governing body. – Not as respected as the U.S. military.
  • War will cost billions. – So how much is YOUR city worth?
  • Many Senators don't support Bush. – Are you speaking of the Senators from Bordeaux?
  • Tom Daschle says George Bush has a “credibility gap.” – When was the last time we came to Tom Daschle for the truth?
  • These problems didn't happen under Clinton. – Actually, they happened, but Clinton ignored them. Now, Bush will clean up his mess.
  • Bush senior should have taken out Hussein in '91. – That 1991 UN resolution forbade a march on Baghdad. Remember?
  • This is about American Imperialism. – So which country do we own? Name our colonies? What nation sends us their tax dollars? If America was imperialist, we'd already own the entire world. Who could stand in our way?
  • This is Blood for Oil. – The only blood is the Iraqi people tortured, starved and killed while Hussein builds massive palaces to hide nuclear weapons…all financed with Iraqi oil. America produces 40% of its oil needs and gets the remanining 60% from three sources: Mexico, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. Don't you think Saddam Hussein would love to sell his oil to the USA?
  • Are we prepared for a multi-billion dollar occupation? – Were we prepared to liberate Europe and Japan in 1945? South Korea in 1953? Grenada? El Salvador? Kuwait? The Eastern Bloc? Afghanistan? Nations aways love Americans when we rescue them from tyranny. The price of freedom is never free.
  • Polls show Americans are more concerned about the threat from al Qaeda than from Iraq. – It's not a war against Al Qaeda. It's not a war against Iraq. It's a war against terrorism. Anywhere we find it…one nation at a time.
  • American opinion is against the war. – No, it's not. A majority of Americans (66%) want to fight now, not later.
  • According to a recent poll… – You know what? Screw those polls. We're in a war against terrorism. If you don't want to fight the ones who would murder you and your family in a heartbeat, get the hell out of the way. Go visit Paris. Or Antwerp. Or Berlin. Or Moscow. And stay there. Forever. But this time, don't call us when the heathens are at the gates.