By Jug Varner

Propaganda became a household word during the rise of Adolph Hitler in Germany prior to WWII. Essentially, the idea was that if one repeated (propagated) a phrase or statement often enough, the public would eventually believe it as the truth. Hitler used it to great advantage and almost conquered the world in the process.

Only those of us who experienced those times are aware of just how close he came. Unfortunately, Americans in general are not too interested or well grounded in past history, so each succeeding generation seems destined to learn these lessons the hard way.

That word propaganda appeared in the following May 7, 2004 E-mail message that arrived on my Keeping Apace Website:

“Is this a pro-George Bush propaganda website? All I see are anti-John Kerry bashing. I'm neither political nor a Democrat but it seems to me that you should respect this man's service to our country. He served in the battlefields of Vietnam. Can your hero George Bush claim such distinction? Where was he? Probably stateside partying with his sorority buddies.”

My response to the sender was:

“I am sorry these articles offend you. Perhaps if you were open to the truth about Kerry, you wouldn't support him either, unless you believe the Liberal cause espoused by most of the main-stream media. They are the REAL propagandists. They reach millions with their Bush bashings. I reach several thousand with a few anti-Kerry articles that are passed along to me.

“As an 80-year-old Navy veteran with 26+ years of military service including WW2, Korea and Vietnam, I am not anti-Democrat. I have voted for Democrats, Republicans and Independents. To me it is the individual that counts and not the party - one political party is about as bad as the other these days. In this election, however, with all his faults (real or otherwise) George Bush is the only logical choice for me, and I hope for the majority of Americans in November. I would like to give your man the benefit of the doubt, if I had any, but I know the Senator - so I can't do that. Even his military decorations are questionable.

“Fortunately, we live in America where you and I can vote as we choose. Perhaps Kerry could win, but for the good of America's future, I certainly hope not. Jug.”

The Web is rife with stories about Kerry’s Vietnam service. Despite the questionable merits of some of the medals and awards he received, he DID serve, and I appreciate ANYONE who served in Vietnam, but in my estimation, what he did AFTER he returned - giving aid and comfort to the enemy - totally tarnished that “hero” image. George Bush served in the Air National Guard, so he was subject to call-up, as many were then and are today, so he didn’t spend all of his time with his fraternity (or sorority) buddies.

Frankly, I doubt that the general public cares anymore whether the president is a war veteran or not. They twice elected Bill Clinton - who had no military experience and seemingly little respect for the military - running against real war heroes.

The liberal media (the real enemy of President Bush, moderates, and conservatives) will go to any length to bring about Bush’s defeat in November, and never let the truth stand in their way.

This morning, our local newspaper ran a story headlined: BUSH ACCUSED OF USING PRAYER FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES. I wasn’t surprised when I noted that the New York Times originated it. The leading paragraph read:
“An annual address by President George W. Bush marking the National Day of Prayer was broadcast Thursday night over several Christian television and radio networks as part of an evangelical concert, transmitting his message to a pivotal constituency around the country.”

This nation was founded on Christian principles. George W. Bush is a Christian and obviously a devout one (which may rankle those who are not) and needs no special favors to Christians in order to garner their support. This article seems just another “propaganda” issue to me. Bush makes appearances and speeches to a wide range of religions and organizations, but in this case, the Liberal Americans United For Church and State took him to task for “improper advertising for his re-election.”

No matter what he does, the liberal Bush Bashers will find something negative about it. Unless your local newspaper is fair and balanced (and few are today) you will find anti-Bush stories on a daily basis, but few anti-Kerry articles. I can only suppose that the Liberals are so adamantly against Bush because they are power hungry for a return to the White House of a Democrat who would espouses liberalism, political correctness, and blindness to realism.

Wasn’t it interesting (and quite obvious) how they did everything possible (sometimes illegally) to overturn the election results in the 2000 Florida presidential race - then, when unsuccessful at the task, began bashing Bush for “stealing” the election? That has been one of their main propaganda lines, recurring over and over during the past four years. I am surprised that intelligent people can accept this charade, but hate seems to cloud the mind intensely - and repetitious propaganda does wonders for a cause when the media pushes it daily.

The one the thing that I have trouble rationalizing, however, is why ANY active or veteran military person (regardless of his or her political leanings) would in good conscience vote for Kerry - who is certainly no friend of the military despite his PR effort to curry favor as a Vietnam “hero.” His post-Vietnam traitorous actions and his anti-military voting record in the Senate should be evidence enough of his disdain. Those military retirees who are blaming Bush for “military promises” not kept could find themselves even less served by a Liberal Kerry administration.

I passionately hope the Liberal propaganda and political rhetoric will not cloud voters' instinct for what is best for our nation in these perilous times.