By Byron D. Varner

The ultra liberals are getting desperate… and even meaner than they accuse the opposition of being.

They are telling more and worse lies than they accuse the opposition of telling.

Their latest surge, reported recently in glowing terms by mainstream media, is the launching of a wide range of radio talk and other programs to try to shout down the opposition of the conservative and moderate voices in America who captured that medium of communications while the liberals weren't looking.

In short, these “politically correct, our way or no way” folks want it all… which focuses on unseating the current administration and reclaiming the White House and Congress at any cost, to advance their concepts of what America ought to be. And in their minds that answer is: “In our image and likeness.” God help us if this ever comes to pass.

This entire effort would be laughable if it were not so serious.

Driven by an ultra liberal national media, thought control is a big factor, and “anything goes” in order to gain the upper hand. The power-hungry are a fearful foe. Truth often flies out the window into thin air, seldom recaptured in the “airwaves” of radio and television… they hope.

At my age and experience in life it is sad to see our nation — one that has become the envy of the world through the simple concept “Of the people… by the people… for the people” — being torn asunder by envy, greed, and hate.

Equally as bad, if not worse, is the apathy of stay-away voters who don't care - and are unwilling to do anything about it. Non-voters have no excuse if they don't like the results of an election. The fact is, however, that they shoulder a large share of the blame for that final outcome.

Judging from most elections in recent years, the minority of our population is electing our public officials… and I don't mean racial minority. I mean those who actually vote. If thinking people fail to exercise their freedom to vote, they will gradually lose it - and ultimately other freedoms they have always taken for granted. It is a small path that can lead to wide destruction.

No American is required to vote, but those who care enough to learn about the issues on their own initiative and vote their conscience in private, instead of being swayed by TV sound bites and slick promos… and lies…are the type of citizens who answer the call when their nation is in danger.

And our nation is indeed in danger - more from within than from the outside world.