By Jug Varner

I lived in Texas for many years and learned the meaning of the term “Yellow Dog” Democrat early on. Among other things, YDDs are hard-headed liberals who wouldn’t vote Republican if Jesus Christ were heading the ticket - which, of course, is far-fetched example to make my point. The Lord never would have stooped to politics.

It is interesting that over the years most Texas Democrats who really cared about the good of this country left that party. It is now primarily in the hands of fringe groups and the Yellow Dogs. Once it was almost impossible for a non-Democrat to be elected there. Today, Republican voters are in the majority and their party holds most of the offices across the state. The same holds true in the once heavily Democrat South - made obvious in the recent Presidential election.

Having worked in public relations and journalism over the years, I know that journalists are supposed to be apolitical. Apparently that no longer seems to apply to those employed by ultra Liberal media moguls.

Throughout his journalistic years before and after he eventually rooted out Walter Cronkite to become CBS Nightly News guru, Texan Dan Rather never seemed to be able to hide the fact that he was a Yellow Dog Democrat of the first order. Now, after all these years of his one-sided journalism, that Liberal “good ‘ole boy” finally got his comeuppance. Yep… he got caught with his hand in the journalistic cookie jar once too often, and even CBS (as liberal as THEY are) realized he had to go.

But, Danny Boy obviously decided “You can’t fire me. I’ll quit.” And that’s what he recently announced.

Well, I must say I certainly won’t miss him because I quit watching CBS News and Dan Rather in particular many years ago.

As was taught in journalism school in my day, I still believe that news reporters should be apolitical, report the facts and let the reader, listener or viewer make up his or her own mind. A reporter should not editorialize the facts with his or her own (or the employer’s) political slant. I don’t know how many journalism classes Dan Rather attended, but obviously he missed that important principle somewhere along the way.

This might be his chance to get into the other side of politics, but I’d be surprised if he could get elected to anything in Texas. Maybe he could become a permanent resident of New York… as Bill and Hillary did.