By Byron D.(Jug) Varner

I read an article not long ago about something that really hit home with me, and I regret that I didn’t save it for a reprint here, with proper credit for its author. So I am passing the gist of it along to you in my own words. It is about American coins and something that should be precious to all Americans.

When I was a kid growing up in the hard times of depression years before WWII, I was always on the lookout for coins as I walked along the street on an errand or on my way to school. Money was scarce then and people were very careful with their change, so I didn’t find much, but I found pennies occasionally and once in a while maybe a dime or a quarter. But even a penny would buy a good sized bite of candy back then.

Even today, from habit formed long ago, I find myself surveying the road on my morning walk and occasionally picking up a stray coin. Not that it is worth all that much in today’s economy - or so I thought until I read the article I mentioned. I have actually heard someone say that “It isn’t worth the effort to stop, bend over, and pick up a coin now days. My time is more valuable than the coin.” Now, I know why he was wrong.

Despite the effort by those liberal politically correct folks who would take God out of our schools, public places, government buildings and our daily lives, the coins we use every day but seldom look at closely anymore have those four precious words “In God We Trust” stamped on each of them. Perhaps these folks will even try to change this, too.

Stopping to pick up a coin off the street today is worth far more than its monetary value. It’s genuine and true value is not money, but is in those four little words, “In God We Trust” - a constant reminder of what our citizenship means and our gratitude for: a benevolent and loving God who protects us as individuals and as a unified nation founded in his name… A God of love, not hate… who bids us to do good… not evil.

America was founded on these Christian principles and is the world’s largest Christian nation, yet our founding fathers established freedom here for all religions to come together in peace and unity. “One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

We may be greatly outnumbered by most major religions of the world, but not in power nor in God-given rights. We must never forget that we are a Christian nation and that God has a definite place in our government and our lives. And we must never give in to those who would take it away from us under the guise of constitutionality or anything else.

Think about it.