Freedom Ship

Every now and then I run across something special that intrigues me to the point of concentrated research and inquiry, either for a story to write or refer, or merely my own satisfaction in learning something new. Such is the case with an article from the Business Weekly supplement of the Sarasota Harold-Tribune dated Oct. 21,2002. At the time, I was busy with other things, but it looked so interesting that I set it aside for later reading

The artist’s rendering is a
stern shot showing its
aircraft landing system
and its size compared
to a large ocean liner.
The conceptual rendering
shows the proposed
Freedom Ship from an
Overhead, off its port.
In the meantime, Christmas came and went, we moved from our temporary beach residence to a downtown Sarasota high-rise, and were involved with many other official and unofficial doings. Now, here it is the month of May and I am finally getting back to the said article—but only after accidentally finding it in the wrong file. Moving is hell, sometimes.

Michael Pollack’s article entitled Fantastic Voyage begins some ten years in the future to tease and titillate then returns to the present with facts that may resemble fiction, considering the staggering odds against finalization of the concept. That concept is an “almost mile-long, $11 Billion, 25-story floating city, with an average population of 100,000.” It is called the Freedom Ship—a barge five times larger than our latest U.S. aircraft carrier—with an entire city rising from its hull.

Sarasota engineer Norm Nixon dreamed up this unique idea back in 1994, and has passionately and faithfully pursued this dream until its reality no longer seems impossible. His main problem now isn’t as much convincing people it will work, but raising the necessary capital required to make it happen. That, too, is underway.

As Paul Harvey might say, “And now, for the rest of the story”… Click on this link.