By Jug Varner

Minority forces have been at work within our society for some time now to eliminate God from our government, our schools, and other parts of our daily lives. They espouse “true” democracy, separation of church and state, and other such reasons for this so-called “urgent need.”

In a nation where the majority is supposed to rule, it is strange that this minority has (with avid assistance of ultra liberals in academia and the media) slowly convinced many apathetic and thoughtless Americans that it is winning “some of the battles.”

But if you truly love this country and wholeheartedly believe in its fundamental founding principles, you had better pray that these internalforces never win the war.” It would surely be the last nail in the coffin of a once-great nation.

The dire predictions are that the fall of our society will not come from outer forces, but from forces within - decadence, lawlessness, ungodliness… to name a few. It would seem that we are in that stage right now.

On this 231st anniversary year of the founding of our nation, I would like to repeat an article from the past regarding the Pledge of Allegiance. While growing up, most us recited this pledge to start our classes every day of the school year, and on many other special occasions after that time. Some of you may have read this article here or elsewhere, but like anything special, it bears my repeating and your rereading.

As a schoolboy in Vincennes, Indiana, one of Red Skelton's teachers - Mr. Laswell - explained the words and meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance to his class one morning before the beginning of the school day.

Many years later, after elimination of prayer in our public schools, Skelton wrote down and eventually recorded his recollection of this lecture, which he first gave on his TV show of January 14, 1969.

To see and hear it, click HERE.